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Samurai street surrealism – boris bidjan saberi

Boris Bidjan Saberi looked east for his Fall-Winter 2019 collection, splicing together kimonos with blazers and layering chunky chainmail knits with performance fabrics. His signature industrial aesthetic was softened by a romanisation of the Samurai warrior, complete with Kabuto-style headwear in boiled wool. Long parkas and vests were bordered with matte leather and styled with harnesses, some featuring front packs like hato-o-no-ita. Elsewhere, there were oversized faux-fur capes and hybridised footwear, featuring Sune-ate-like greaves. The urban street ninja codes were upheld by the long-standing Salomon collaboration. Saberi’s monochromatic vision was uplifted by shades of mint, teal and cyan in the usual tone-on-tone run-down finishing, or in solid, saturated pigment. All in all, this mix of modern and traditional blurred the lines between legend and street – an effortless and welcome illusion.


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image credits: borisbidjansaberi.com / sz-mag.com

September 11, 2019

by ennu