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Owning femininity – Simone Rocha

Softening the silhouettes and broadening the colour palette of her Neo-romanticist design signature, Simone Rocha payed an ode to women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds. With a generation-spanning star cast including Chloë Sevigny, Kirsten Owen, Lily Cole and others, the empowered message of inclusivity read clearly. On the business level, this meant smoother silhouettes with a focus on the waist, shoulders and décolleté, more commercial hues such as blush, gold and taupe next to the omnipresent widow black, and the broadening of her core audience. On the intellectual level, Rocha aimed at exploring the power and tension between being an object of desire, and wanting to own and direct it – the gentle tug and pull between female security and insecurity. The main influences this season were controversial film director Michael Powell (The Red Shoes, Peeping Tom) and champion of exploring the female condition – Louise Bourgeois, whose signature curving black crown could be seen reinterpreted on some of the models.



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images: Armando Grillo / Gorunway.com

August 26, 2019

by ennu