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dark country blues – ann demeulemeester



After a season dedicated to seventies mysticism, Sebastien Meunier looks towards a contemporary take on the 1974 Dolly Parton classic ‘Jolene’, by post-genre artist Lingua Ignota. Toning down on the house’s romantic, wistful aesthetic and tuning into a more slick and sleek night-glam mood, the Belgian former club kid spoke to the women who aren’t afraid of braving heavy eye-shadow on a sunny afternoon at the park. Perfectly parted and gelled-back hair with natural skin, the beauty looks on the models brought the Adult Wednesday Addams look home. Tube minidresses with whale net stockings, peek-a-boo toe loafers with ten-centimetre banana heels, cut-out crepe trench coats, a ton of patent leather and a variety of mesh tops all pointed to a carnal summer wardrobe with no inhibitions. We remained curious – was this rejection of FW19’s full-skirted modesty aimed at seduction or liberation? We believe it must be both.



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Images: Vogue Runway, Hero magazine

March 13, 2020

by ennu