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An Artful Abandon - A photo story about lustre and patina - ennu

An Artful Abandon – A photo story about lustre and patina



This is a story about marrying the old with the new.



Time is fleeting; change is everlasting. In fashion, this universal maxima comes to us intuitively – every week it is fashion week, somewhere, and every three months, the whole industry quivers at what the trend-setters-du-jour have to say for the coming season. Yet in some ways we seem so desperate to cling to our pre-conditioned understandings of taste, glamour, age-appropriateness, etiquette, hierarchy, power…. As humans, we are quite vulnerable to these fallacies. As critical thinkers, however, as creatives, as beholders of beauty, we may wish to exercise some flexibility in these matters. 


Decay, as John Galliano so eloquently put recently, is just another phase in the cycle of Decadence – things expand, become brighter and more lustrous, to eventually fade and corrode. The more comfortable we become with this elastic nature of the universe, the less rigid and constricted in our approaches to beauty we will be, and the more comfortable with seeing newness and oldness, trendiness and timelessness, lustre and patina as two sides of the same coin. In fact, not only do they exist on the same continuum, they complement and complete each other. Age is a dialectical progression of youth, and their interaction produces new expressions of both, which are richer and more attuned to universal harmony.


The art world has long observed this truth, and a great testament to this are the multitude of creative studios around Amsterdam, frequently positioned inside old factories and warehouse complexes, where time has left a tangible trace of past incarnations, yet the art of current inhabitants is exuberant and progressive.


We chose one such location to tell a story about two young individuals, both of whom old souls retaining a jovial taste for adventure. As they wander around this re-inhabited yet eerily still art-studio complex, they search for remnants of the past while stumbling into spaces under construction. The juxtaposition between sixties- and eighties-era Dutch pragmatist architecture and this season’s collections underlines our position that past, present and future are like the top, heart and base notes of a fragrance – a complete pallet of experience, interacting and influencing each other in unison.


October 13, 2019

by ennu